How to reset your display settings.

To change the display resolution in Windows, Click on the [Start] button at the lower left of the screen. From the [Start] pop-up menu, select [Settings] then [Control Panel].

From the control panel page, look for the [Display] icon. Click on that and the Display Properties dialog box will appear. Click on the [Settings] tab in the upper right.

Now at the lower right you will see a slider bar with the current screen resolution just under it. If you are already set to 1024x768 there is nothing more to do so exit [X] the dialog box. If not, move the slider with your mouse until the figure 1024x768 appears. Next click on the [OK] button at the bottom of the dialog box. Now click [YES] and [OK] to the following dialog boxes and you are done.

I like to use this setting when working on a 15" monitor and I like 1280x960 with a 17" monitor. It gives me more space for tool bars. I use 1200x1600 for screen captures in my CAD program. I swap back and forth a lot and set up a short-cut icon for 'Display' on my Desktop.

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