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Landscape Photography

My interest in photography as a fine art began by my being inspired by the Ansel Adams Basic Photography Series with its description of the view camera and zone system. Ansel's images and those of Edward Weston were an inspiration as well. I was first drawn to the subjects Adams and Weston pursued, i.e., landscapes and this is where I began.

While I like the great outdoors, I am not really a naturalist or conservationist. As someone mechanically inclined, my interests are with machines and things industrial and these have been the primary focus of my photographic work. However, I have never really lost interest in photographing the landscape, it has it's own aesthetic, requires its own approach and has its own challenges. Furthermore, the ability to interpret land forms, sky and clouds is useful in photographing the railroad in the landscape, the grain elevator in the landscape and the setting for other industrial subjects.

Cattle_Guard Early on in my photography I made photographic expeditions Death Valley, Yosemite, Arches National Park and other places. Later on I went to Norway, Mono Lake and Death Valley again. But in the mid-nineties I made a conscious choice to concentrate on industrial subjects as this was the core of my interest in photography. Still, in my travels, I have continued to keep my eyes open for landscape images and there has been a slow but steady production of them, most recently from the Tehachapi Mountains southeast of Bakersfield and along Highway 50 in Nevada.

I plan to place my Norway and Death Valley images in their own galleries on this website, but here I offer a more general selection of the images made over the years, some going back to my beginnings in large format back in 1973.

Temple Grounds Siesta Lake Creek Sycamore & Reflections Road & Pole
Rocks Bixbee Creek Century Plants Mt.
Tamalpias from Grisly Peak Cottonwood & Poplars
118 Acres for Sale Clan Alpine Mountains Highway 50 Cattle Guard Hazen
Road & Trees Corrugated Clouds Twin Oaks Rice Field Power Poles & Farm Implements
& Contrails #2 Oak
& Cattle Fence #2 Night Oak #1 Three
Oaks & Boulders Tufas
& Contrails #3
Three Night Oaks Dirt Road & Hills Night Oak #4 Caliente
Bodfish Road Pyramidal Oak
Sinclair Station Oak Shadows Oak &
Cattle Fence Two Oaks & Hills Clouds #1, Highway 50, Utah
Storm Clouds Shack & Trees #1 Shack & Trees #2 Shack & Trees #3 Shack
& Cottonwoods

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