Eccentric Crank, S.P. 4449, Sacramento, California, 1975

Industrial Heritage Photographic Workshops
Gordon Osmundson Photographs

This site is still under construction and probably always will be. But there is already a lot here. The information on my upcoming workshops is here and up to date. I also already have the first six of many projected galleries up and going. New to the galleries is my series "A 2002 Head," a macro photography project about the rebuilt head from my BMW 2002. Coming soon will be my Flash Bulb series and then I'll add some things on my landscape photographs. I expect to do several more railroad galleries, ghost towns, Norway, adobe architecture, etc.

My work has appeared in several magazines and you will find slightly revised versions of some of the articles here on my web site. Several new articles are in the planning stage and I will announce them in my newsletter. There is also information about print sales, my newsletter, which you can sign up for, my resume and my various photography exhibitions.

Come back soon and often as we are adding info on other workshops, photo galleries, magazine articles and more.

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Eccentric Crank, S.P. 4449 - Sacramento, California, 1975. For more information about this image see the article in the side bar at left "Form in Steam & Steel"