Hook & Boom, East Ely,
Nevada, 1996

Gordon Osmundson Photographs'

Nevada Northern Railway Gallery

I have been photographing at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in East Ely since 1988. I used to just stop in Ely every time I drove across Nevada, to see what was going on and make a few new images. In 1996, 2003, 2004 and 2005, I participated in railfan photo shoot weekends. In the later three, I put on the night photo shoots for these events. Also in December of 2003 & 2004, I directed a two half day photo shoot. I plan to be doing the same at a new October photo shoot weekend this year, 2005. My next Nevada Northern photo workshop will take place in conjunction with this event. Last year I was in Ely six times and spent most of a week on each trip.

Since Mark Bassett has become the Executive Director the museum has taken on a new vitality and has undertaken many new projects. Visitorship is way up, preservation work is underway and the number of trains running has gone up dramatically. The best part is that both #40 and #93 have both been brought up to compliance with the new FRA Form 4 regulations and should both be in regular service for many years to come.

For my own part, I have done some volunteer work and installed brake systems on three 1912 box cars putting them back into service. They are a welcome addition to the photo freight trains. I also put in a couple of days work getting #40 back under steam.

My current big project is a book about the railroad. This is my first effort at book publishing, but the book is shaping up well. There is currently no book in print on this subject so my book should answer a real need. It will be a combination history and fine art photography book. I've been doing historic research and have the story of the railroad pretty much in hand and much of the text has already been written. A number of people have contributed photos, maps, sources and much information and I have the full support of the museum. Below is a selection of the photographs that will appear.

Crosshead, Etc. Down by the Depot Head Light & Number Plate, East Ely, Nevada, 1996 In
the Engine House Smokebox, N.N. #40
N.N. #40 in Engine House Repair Crew, East Ely, Nevada, 1996 Hanging Wrenches 93 Wrecker
#40's Tubes & Flues Exiting from Tunnel #93 Leaves the Engine House Double Headed Freight NN #93 in Engine House
Runby @ Depot, East Ely,Nevada, 2003 Smokebox  #93 - #2 N.N.
#40 & N.N. #93 Smokebox  #93 - #1 Tender NN #40
Hook &
Boom, East Ely, Nevada, 1996 Desert Meet, Steptoe Valley, Nevada, 1996 93, Dedicated to the Volunteers Desert Meet #1 Crosshead & Mechanical Lubriacator, N.N. #40, East Ely, Nevada, 1996
Crank Pin & Wrist Pin, N.N. #93, East Ely, Nevada, 2003 View From 2nd Floor Smoke Over Steptoe Valley, Nevada, 1996 Brake
Hanger, N.N. #93, East Ely, Nevada, 2003 N.N.
#40 in Machine Shop, East Ely, Nevada, 1996
7 Car Ore Train Moonrise with #93 Ore
Train on Fill Night Freight On the Fill at Lacawana Crossing #1
#402 in Engine House #40 Seen Through #93 Train & Yards Baker Valve Gear, N.N. #40 Ore Train
Wheel Lathe Yard Scene, #1 Lathe Detail #1 Yard Scene #2 Wheel Boring Machine & #109
N.N. #40 in Engine House, #2 Engine House Clerestory Wood Box Cars Lubricator Patch Train on High Line
#93 with Train @ Depot Machine Shop Bits
& Chucks Lathe Carriage Yard Scene #4
Bringing up Steam Wrecker & Chain #93 on Fill Cables & Flood Light Super  Heater Units
Lathe Chuck Frame Work Bonney 1737 Spoked Wheel & Rods Lathe Detail
#93 with Freight on Fill Yoke& Crosshead #93 Steaming as History Piston Rod #93 Mixed Freight on Fill

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