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Newsletter, May, 7, 2004

Hello to all,

Especially those of you who are new to my list. For those who received these before, you may note that my newsletter has a new look and feel. This is part of my new presence on the web. But before I go into this, I would like to announce that I am going into the photography workshop business.

I have set up a program of three workshops, the first at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in Ely, Nevada this coming fall, the next a grain elevator photography workshop in the Sacramento Valley next Spring. I am also offering a one-on-one darkroom workshop which is offered at my home and in my darkroom at any time convenient to both the student and myself. This workshop program is being offered under the name "Industrial Heritage Photographic Workshops," a title which reflects both much of my photography and the subjects offered in the workshops.

Rather than going into detail about the workshops here, this program has prompted me to finally take the plunge and develop my own web site. The site,, is still under development (a development that may never end), but it is up and running and there is already a fair amount of stuff on it including information on the workshops and photo galleries on the workshop subjects. As I write this, I''m building a new gallery on my present darkroom project, "Route 66." I have plans to add many new galleries and much else, so plan to revisit my web site soon and often.

With the web site, I have a new e-mail address, Please make a note of the change. The old address is still good, I get my spam on it, but I am trying to move all the good stuff over to the address.

The newsletter is now being sent as an e-mail campaign hosted by Vertical Response. You won''t see the list of e-mail addresses anymore and the newsletter is now formatted in HTML for those of you who can receive this and also in text format for those who can''t. If you are getting the light gray background and the photo in the upper right, you are receiving this in HTML. You now also have, as required by law, the option of opting out of the newsletter list.

Benham Calender

My thanks to JP Collins, who I know from the Bay Area 02 (BMW 2002) Group. He helped me set up the various accounts and services that I needed. JP runs Pylon Studios,, and is a professional web designer. JP''s assistance came through a free program of the San Francisco Small Business Development Center,

As I have further announcements about the web site, publications, shows, photographic projects and new work, I''ll continue to send out these newsletters. I hope you enjoy them and my web site.

In other news, I have a show coming up, titled "Trains, Planes and Automobiles," at the Benham Gallery in Seattle. Show dates are June 22 thru July 24, with a reception on July 1st. I am planning to be in attendance for the opening. To learn more about the show, check out the Benham Gallery web site at

As mentioned above, in the darkroom, I have been working on my "Route 66" series. This work has been a bit of a departure for me, more social than industrial commentary. Some of the photos are, well, kind of fun. I've got most of what I have on the web-site already, but so far all the pictures were made in Arizona, so there is a lot more of Route 66 to left explore. Perhaps this will become a book project some day. Let me know what you all think about these pictures.

Well, enough for now.

Gordon Osmundson

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