Cattle Gaurd, Hwy 50, West Utah, 1988

Gordon Osmundson Photographs
Print Sales

I offer archivally processed silver gelatin prints of my photographic images for sale. They are mounted on museum board and come in the standard photographic sizes. My work is available both directly and through several commercial photography galleries.

Currently my work is available at the following galleries:

Photography West, Carmel, California. Photography West

Scott Nichols, San Francisco, California Scott Nichols Gallery

Photogenesis Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico Photo genesis

Benham Gallery, Seattle, Washington, Benham Gallery

I encourage you to visit these galleries to view my work. Ask to see what the galleries have on file, they can not keep all work or the work of all artists on display. They can also obtain any of the work shown on this web site should they not have what you want in stock.

If you are not located in any of these cities, I can sell to you directly by mail order for the same prices charged at the galleries. I have not put all that shopping cart business elsewhere on this web-site, but all images are available.

I currently have a large inventory of unmounted 8x10 and 11x14 prints and can mount these to fill orders. 16x20 prints and those not in stock in other sizes can be printed to order, it just takes a little longer. How long? Please be aware that this is a one person business and I have other obligations and deadlines to meet. Also, I am frequently out of town doing photography. Your order will be filled as soon as time permits. If you have special needs please inquire first.

You can make a payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. All purchases are handled through PayPal and their secure payment technologies. You do not need a PayPal account, but you can make payment through them with a credit card or any other method that PayPal excepts. Of course you can use your PayPal account if you have one or establish one here.

To make a purchase use the following instructions:

Step One. First, go to the image's web page and note the image title you wish to purchase. It is important that you use the exact title listed on the web page as some images have similar titles and I have had problems with incorrect titles. You can select and copy the title directly from the web page. Save this title and insert it in the appropriate text box below.

Step Two. Type or paste the image title in the text box next to the print size you desire.

Step Three. Now click on the shopping cart button of the Print Size you desire. (A few signature pieces have their own buttons here.) Note that not all images are available in all sizes, please inquire. Most are available in 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20. Some of the macro photographs will not stand up to enlargements of more than 8x10 and are only available in this size. There are a few other images that also have conditions that preclude larger sizes. Please see my Pricing and Editions Policies below.

Step Four. Click on the add to cart button.

Step Five. You are now on the PayPal site and can complete your purchase or return to the website to continue shopping.

After I receive your order, I will send you an e-mail advising you on print availability and projected shipping times. You can also send a separate e-mail enquiry before placing an order.

Mounted archival prints of my images are currently available for sale as listed below:

Warehouse #14

Arbuckle Warehouse #14 - 11x14 Print $750.00
Arbuckle Warehouse #14 - 16x20 Print $1150.00

Eccentric Crank, S.P. 4449
Eccentric Crank, S.P. 4449 - 11x14 Print $750.00
Eccentric Crank, S.P. 4449 - 16x20 Print $1150.00

All Other Images

Purchase 8x10 Photographic Print $400.00 - Type or Paste Image Title Here
Purchase 11x14 Photographic Print $500.00 - Type or Paste Image Title Here
Purchase 16x20 Photographic Print $750.00 - Type or Paste Image Title Here
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Shipping is by FedEx ground. For orders of one or two prints there is a shipping charge of $20.00 per order.

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