Strain Warehouse #11, Arbuckle, California, 1985

Gordon Osmundson Photographs'

Grain Elevator Gallery

This gallery represents two bodies of work done of the same subject, the first is a series done in during the period 1984-1988. The second, on one day in April of 2003. The first was done mostly, but not entirely in the Sacramento Valley of California. It grew out of a few photos taken with no pattern or project in mind, into specific project or series to study the shapes and forms of these remarkable structures. After five years of working at this, I produced many images and began feel that I was repeating myself and had made my statement on the subject. I then moved on to other projects.

Then in April of 2003, on a trip south from Portland, I drove through the Sacramento Valley on a day when a storm was clearing and the light, the sky and the clouds were stunning. I was diving past my old friends the grain elevators, I had my camera, I had the time and I went to work. The results are shown here.

Below is a selection from both groups of photographs.

Arbuckle Warehouse #21 New Grain Elevator #6 Willows Rice
Mill, #2'Blower' Grain Elevators with Clouds Strain Warehouse #31
Westside Warehouse #8 Arbuckle Warehouse #14 Arbuckle Warehouse #1 WHSE 5 New Grain Elevator #13
New Grain Elevator #10 Zamora #2 New Grain Elevator #7 Old Concrete Grain Elevator #1 Westside Warehouse
Westside Warehouse #9 New Grain Elevator #11 Corrugated
Metal Silos #3 New Grain Elevator #8 New Grain Elevator #14
Strain Warehouse #4 Co-op Feeds #1 New Grain Elevator #12 New Grain Elevator #9
Westside Wrehouse #7 Arbuckle Warehouse #7 Zamora #3 Arbuckle Warehouse #10 Red Top Rice Growers #1
Dunnagain #5 Use Turkey Red
Flower Old Concrete Warehouse #1 De Pue
Warehouse & Cumulonimbus Capillatus Strain Warehouse
#23, 'Notes'

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